When decorating a home, Adam combines new and old, time worn and modern, to create collected and timeless spaces. Objects that have been worn and weathered over time inspire all of Adam’s designs. Whether it’s the crackled leather of a vintage club chair, or a salvaged architectural fragment, he finds ways to mix them into modern living.

I believe a home should be a reflection of those who inhabit it. Everything you love and have collected over a lifetime, displayed and admired in a timeless and comfortable environment.

A self-taught decorator, Adam grew up the son of a successful antiques dealer. His mother’s shop has been a well known trove for antiques, art, and objects in the Washington DC area for more than 20 years. Tagging along to flea markets and auctions with his mother as a child was what began to inspire Adam’s passion for decorative arts and design.

Adam currently lives in Vienna, Virginia with his wife, Cate. He serves clients in the Washington DC metropolitan area, and beyond.